Nigel is from England and after arriving in Spain in 1971 he landed up in Almeria in 1975 being primarily involved in the tourist industry. His work took him to most European countries making many contacts in the process.  

In the early 80's he started a garment trading business in Hong Kong exporting chiefly to Spain but also to the UK , Germany and the US.     Travelling frequently for business he has spent the last 30 years on and off in Hong Kong , Dubai , the Philippines , Spain and London.

He is the main link between the major members of the consortium and currently travels between Spain and Hong Kong on a regular basis on business in his position as Chairman of Penta Pacific Group Limited and New Resourcing Group Ltd.  

He is currently promoting his new enterprise VIP Spain in China along with developing Global Investment 2015 in partnership with Penta Pacific Group in Hong Kong.      New Resourcing Group Limited    Penta Pacific Group Ltd.


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